Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Okay, I have had quite the eventful past two weeks or so. By that I mean I had more work and exams in the past two weeks than pretty much all year. It was tough, tiring and stressful but it was all worth it, because I pretty much have no work until finals week... which is 18 days away. Damn, this semester flew by. Seriously, today was my first day off in weeks and I spent it doing laundry and cleaning. I would just like to share a few thoughts I've had lately:

First of all if you didn't vote for student body President and VP it is not too late. Due to that weird computer virus thing polls will remain open until mid-night tonight.

I think that student organizations need to stop trying to one up each other and work together. Think about it. What if Scope, Muso and CAB combined next year for a true spring climax weekend? Every year I have friends who go down to UConn's spring weekend, UNH needs to have something like that. I know UConn is way bigger than us, but we could definitely have a good one. Girl Talk and Titus Andronicus on the same weekend is kind of a start.

I think that May 7th is going to be an absolute shit show, I'm talking Halloween night level. Sam Adams and Stoolapalooza and Girl Talk on the same night will make for an epic night of downtown mayhem. All we have to do now is pray for nice weather. (By the way I have lost the rest of the little respect I had for El Pres. Have fun with 200 frat guys at Libby's while all the "smoke-shows" will be dancing their asses off at the Field House with 2,000 other people. Isn't barstool a sports blog anyways?)

That being said this has been a hell of a year for entertainment. Scope brought Akon, Bo Burnham, MGMT, and Girl Talk. There truly is something for everyone, especially if you factor is MUSO's shows with The Mountain Goats and now Titus Andronicus. Well done everyone.

I think that there should be a bridge/path from the Woodsides to the Gables. I was just thinking this last weekend and someone mentioned it on the "You known you to UNH..." facebook group. Nice call.

I really think this could be my year to get drafted to the NFL. The first round is tonight, but I could see myself falling to day three. If any teams are looking for a 5'11 wide receiver with great hands and a 40 yard dash you can time with a sun dial then they are in luck!

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I've been reading barstool sports for the past couple of weeks just to educate myself as to what it is, and it's official that el pres is one of the biggest assholes on the planet. Thank God scope didn't legitimize him by bringing Sam Adams (who is pretty terrible, by the way. I gave him a chance and listened to his songs...why is everyone flipping their shit over him? I mean, I like to get drunk and dance to hip-hop as much as the next biddy, but really?) When it all comes down to it, despite all the conflicts and rivalries, SCOPE and MUSO kicked serious ass this year, and "El Pres" and Sam Adams can go be huge creeps somewhere else (Libby's basement is perfect for them).
    Go UNH.
    -A sadly graduating fan.

  2. Oh how the tables have turned. Just last month this blog was saying how he and Barstoolsports hates scope. Now everyone is praising them and other orgs on campus. Goes to show what a douche bag el prez is. He's a pussy bitch who actually has some competition now! Uh oh! Have fun trying to match up with Girl Talk in your 8x8 basement at some random restaurant in downtown Durham, NH. WOOOO, LIBBY'S! Dude- great place to eat and have a few drinks but come on really? Take your sorry act somewhere else dip-shit.