Monday, April 5, 2010

iPads and Valhalla drops a mixtape

I have a few quick things I would like to briefly touch on that I think some readers may take interest in. The first thing is that I spent a few minutes playing around on an ipad today at the UNH computer store. Overall I was pretty unimpressed and even if I had the money I wouldn't buy one. It was nice to browse the internet and to read websites. I actually read an article from the New York Times about ipads on an ipad. The main thing that turned me off  was how annoying it was to type, it just felt uncomfortable. I think there is great potential with ipads or slate computers for serious bloggers or journalists, but the keypad needs to be reformatted. I couldn't picture having to write more than a few sentences in comfort. It is basically like a big ipod touch and I have to agree with all the reviews I read: It is great for accessing material, but it is terrible for creating material. Maybe in a few years when they rework the keyboard, add a few different options and drop the price I'll be interested, but I see no real constructive use in an ipad. I am just fine with a laptop that can do so much more with greater ease.

The second thing is that UNH's own Nick Wisse or "Valhalla" released a mix tape over the weekend. You can get it as a free download here. Considering he mixed and recorded the entire thing in his dorm room it is pretty impressive. (I want to make it known I have never met Nick, I just want to support an up-and-coming UNH artist. If you are a UNH student and want to get your music or product out - email me. If I like it, it will probably end up on the blog.) The mix tape is entitled "Approved Vol. 1" and has nine tracks including an intro and outro. I have listened to it twice and it seems as if everyone I talk to picks a different song as their favorite. I think I still like "Drop 'em" the best, but it is pretty well rounded. He has some nice lyrics and rhyming ability over mostly drum and synthesizer effects, so with some better production he isn't too far from a solid album. As a mixtape this definitely gets the job done, it shows people what he can do if they give him a chance. Definitely check that out, because it would be nice to see a UNH student make it.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that last week I drank with my RA, and that was pretty cool. I definitely would not have expected that to happen at the beginning of the year.

Also, I almost shot myself in the face today from so many "pink hatters" talking about the Red Sox game. Pink Hatters fair-weather-band-wagon Boston fans who first appeared after the Patriots Superbowl in 2001 and grew larger after the Sox World Series in 2004. We'll see if you still like/follow baseball in July and August. Pink Hatters are known to only follow baseball in April/May and September into the playoffs.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I completely agree with you pink-hatters note.

    nobody really cared, much less followed new england sports until then. I will go even as far as the most recent Celtics title. Almost all, i would say, of those who claim to be "celtics fan" after they won are pink-hatters.

    As I was watching the Duke-Butler game tonight, one of my friend brought up an interesting argument. I wanna say that pink-hatters are much different than Butler fans who show school pride.

  2. YES my MAN thank you for the plug. All songs are on youtube now too just go here