Thursday, April 22, 2010

The NFL Draft Drinking Game

Okay, I'm sure there are versions other of this online, but I am coming up with this on the spot on my own without looking up ideas. Seeing as this is the NFL draft you should be drinking Budweiser, but any alcohol will do. The first round is tonight, rounds 2 and 3 are tomorrow and rounds 4-7 are Saturday.

The draft can take a while so be sure to take at least a sip for every pick to keep your buzz going.

Take 2 sips:

  • When Mel Kiper Jr guesses wrong
  • Any trade is made
  • Patriots make a trade (3 sips)
  • Patriots draft a tight end
  • If Bradford goes number 1
  • If Bradford, Suh, and Gerald McCoy go 1,2,3.
  • If Ryan Leaf is mentioned about possible busts
  • Mel Kiper's hair is mentioned
  • Brett Favre is mentioned
  • If Jet's fans boo the Jets pick
Finish your drink:
  • If Ben Roethlisberger is traded
  • If the Raiders draft a guy based on his 40 speed
  • If Minnesota runs out of time. (Or any team for that matter.)
  • If the Patriots make a trade with the Raiders
  • When Tim Tebow gets drafted
  • If Scott Sicko or Sean Ware from UNH get picked
  • If the Rams trade out of the top pick
  • If Sam Bradford doesn't go number 1
  • If no player from Ohio State goes in the first round.
And finish all your alcohol if Brett Favre retires and un-retires between the 1st round and final pick Saturday.

I'll add more as the draft goes and I think of some. Let me know if you think or known of any good ones.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. my favorite bullets

    -Mel Kiper's hair is mentioned
    -If Jet's fans boo the Jets pick
    -If the Raiders draft a guy based on his 40 speed

    all are very true.

  2. I hope a new one is posted for next to this too late :(