Thursday, April 8, 2010


by: Lady Meow
As you may have noticed the seasons they are a changin', warm weather is finally here, (about time) but remember its still the BEGINNING of April. Our weather is slightly fickle: the monsoon of last week, Sahara desert earlier this week, and today boring :(.
With the warm weather fast approaching I see some significant wardrobe changes some classy, hot, casual, comfortable, etc. Some... not so much. I'm not talking about what brand you're wearing because I could care less about that aspect of fashion.  I'm talking about the practicality of the weather correlating with your apparel choice of that particular day. Something doesn't connect... and bluntly, you look like a fucking moron. We'll discuss the positives.
For the weather being seasonably warm recently on campus I saw mostly:
1.flippy floppies
  • Rainbows (highly suggested!). Rainbows are leather flipflops that have a life-time guarantee of never breaking and they mold to your feet. I have had mine for about 3 years now and they are all I wear during the summer. They make both men and women flipflops.
  • Jesus shoes aka Birkenstocks-comfortable and timeless. Pair these with these a UNH tye dye t-shirt and you're officially in UNH hippie mode.
  • Gladiators-the more rugged-glamorous form of Jesus shoes. These sandals prepare you for battle of the classes throughout the day by staying snug to your feet and sometimes for some flash appeal you can find some with some rhinestones. I think the disciple John would have worn these, he was always the gay one.
2. Shirtlessness
  • good work gentlemen keep it up (: Just remember no shirt, no shoes, no service in HoCo. I would suggest stealing food and having a picnic but oh wait they'll fine your ass for that one (talk about rude).
  • highwaaaasted skirts: these are great because they go up to the tiniest part of your waist making you look slimmer. I love these, they are classy and casual, plus there's hardly any effort involved.
  • Floral printed skirts: these can be cute, but watch out for the granny prints, you're a college student not in the women's section at Sears.
  • wayfarers- the cool, calm, and collected look.
  • thats pretty much all I have for that one. Aviators are so last season. dah. (No, I don't really talk like this).
Here's the bad news....You think you chose something that makes you 'look better'...actually, its the exact opposite. ruh roooh.I would like to thank my willing friend tittertatters for modeling for me :D
1st on the agenda, we NEED to discuss fucking LEGGINGS. GOOD LORD! Some of you completely labeled yourself as a 'ruh-tard', holy fucking shit. I don't know if you ladies know this, but those leggings you bought at Charlotte Hooch, are as thin as tissue paper and I don't care to know that we have the same thong from Victoria's secret and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR COTTAGE CHEESE ASS CHEEKS. By the beard of Zeus put that shit in a cage. If you're gunna wear them, long t-shirts work... even better... THROW THEM OUT, use them as a cum rag or something. Alright, I wear them too but I like to pair mine with a pair of flats, a long printed tanktop/t-shirt and a short jacket. That's how you do it ladies. Have some self-respect.
Next order of business, ORANGE IS NOT A NORMAL SKIN COLOR. You are another race of incompetent human beings. You look like a fucking idiot. I laughed when people clearly went on spring break and came back and you can see brown flakes of skin peeling off their crusty orange forehead. You not only exceeded your daily amount of Vitamin D, but congratulations you are one step closer to Melanoma! Good fucking call. Even better, in 10 years you're going to look like a 1970's Gucci leather bag and don't be surprised if people like me refer to you as leatherface. That shit is hard to reverse. Good luck with that.
Love you Magda<3

I have no words for this.
Another thing I would like to point out is when 'athletic' girls are playing in a sporting event or seen locally at the Hamel Center they are wearing the shorts they bought at an acceptable athletic length. For example take these womens' soccer shorts: Here's what you'll see: You will see (what I like to call) a moosenose aka cameltoe. This is NOT cute. I don't see James Franco watching you workout so why are you doing this to your poor cooch? Let it breathe! No one likes a fishy vag. LASTLY, I promise unless you want more ridiculousness. With the warm weather fastly approaching I see we get a bit confused on what to wear for the appropriate temperture outside. If it's 83 degrees, you don't wear Ugg boots unless you enjoy your feet swimming in a cess pool of your own sweat. Pairing these boots with a skirt just makes you look confused as in are you hot? Are you cold? What?! JUST KIDDING. ONE MORE THING. Ladies PLEASE, PLEASE if you're going to wear a skirt make sure its the appropriate length, I'm sorry to sound like you're principal, but just imagine yourself going up a set of stairs and a PIG is right behind you and looks up your skirt. Fair warning. And guys if you do, do this, go fuck yourselves. Yes, it's her fault she's an idiot, but have some fucking respect. THIS IS NOT OKAY! But here's what I like to call an 'Uggycooter'. I love you tittertatters for being an AMAZING model!. Also, this is FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. I don't care what you wear, go ahead look orange, wear those leggings, and flaunt that twat. I don't care. But this is merely what I see and your peers see. For this entry I got my inspiration from: and Both amazing websites when your bored or in class. Hope you had a good laugh and enjoy the weekend I have a bet to win. I must gargoyle and kegstand in one night. Consider it done. Live Free or Die bitches! -LadyMeOW<3


  1. Where the hell did you find this blogger, New Hampshirite? I'm guessing she's not Greek life (the fashion offenders) best friend right now. Quality post, and nice ass.

  2. Um...this is terrible. Lady Meow needs a lesson in how to write, and how to write entertaining and funny articles more specifically. And a new name -- Lady Meow, are you kidding me? Stop making UNH look bad.
    PS. Using emoticons is not funny :(

  3. haha, this is great! This person ^ obviously doesn't get the humor in it.

  4. Again, this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. I'm sorry you feel that way. If I thought UNH was SO bad I wouldn't be here. Also, there are no rules to 'blogging'. ;)

  5. wow that person is an idiot if they think this is a bad post. great addition! I laughed so hard! It's so true! keep them coming lady! ps, I love the emoticons!

  6. hilarious, nice to have some girl humor on this blog

  7. nicely done, how do i get the link to the uncensored pics hahahahah

  8. Waist = body part
    Waste = Paying for a UMaine education?

  9. amazing video..this suits ladymeow, haha and that person makes no sense whatsoever

  10. lady, youre my fucking hero.

  11. some guys can be a huge PIGS!

    on wednesday, i was walking behind a guy who was walking behind these group of girls, 3 out of 4 were wearing skirts. he totally bend down and looked up their skirts as they were going up the stairs.

    i just kept thinking to myself, 1) those guys weren't exactly the best looking and 2) thankfully he wasnt walking behind me (i was wearing a rather short skirt)

  12. Lady, let's go get married. I'm glad someone is speaking up about all the mistakes I see girls making around campus.

  13. To the anonymous bitch who doesn't like this, you're probably the one who does all that stuff. Sorry, but you look like a douchelord.

    To lady, you are fabulous. I'm glad someone finally said all this. C'mon ladies, have some respect.

    Can't wait for your next post!!

  14. Whatever the devil on your shoulder is thinking, lady meow will say it. That's her MO.

    And if you don't like what she has to say, fine. But, could you meet us half way and not flash your gamey pussy to me when you walk up the stairs? I swear, some of you are more blown out than Hiroshima.

  15. now if these people would only stop using cool-aide to dye their hur...

  16. I don't think that "Anonymous" was necessarily disagreeing with this article. In fact, I know she wasn't because she hates these girls as much as you do. What she was saying was how badly this article is written. Take a lesson in grammar. This article would be a lot more effective if it was eloquently and intelligently written. Don't rely on crude humor just to get an audience.

  17. woooow, the girl writes one blog post about upskirts and every guy that reads the blog gets a boner

  18. I want to thank everyone who commented and who enjoyed this post! I hope I can do something like it again.

    As for my grammar/writing skills, I'm a science major, I have yet to write a paper at my time here at UNH they're all lab reports, I always have to be succinct. But will definitely take it into consideration and have The New Hampshirite edit my shit better.

    With that said, be nice to me-I could be your nurse, doctor, or phlebotomst someday ;)

    Have a great week everyone!
    Live free or die,


  19. I agree you need to work on your writing form because CAPS + !!!!! + tons of vulgarity does not=funny. Witty writing is what makes things funny, so take a cue from your blogmates on that. And why all the hate? Just let people do what they want unless they're directly hurting you. I understand you're doing it for entertainment, but that's also one thing I don't like about this school is that I think everyone here is extremely judgemental even though it's no longer middle school, and we should be past this...but I digress.

  20. she said that if youre easily offended stop reading now x2. ya bad grammar but she said shes gunna work on it.

    "this is FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY...I don't care what you wear...I don't care. But this is merely what I see and your peers see."

    maybe you should take a lesson in reading comprehension she clearly intended it for laughs and by the looks of it people liked it.

    im a big fan lady!