Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"El Presidente" reacts to my column

I am not about to start a blog war or anything (because honestly, barstool would kick my ass) but I just want to make it known that "El Pres" from barstool sports wrote a post commenting on my column from today's TNH. On his blog he made it seem as if my column was all about him and not how students on this campus treat SCOPE. I referred to him exactly twice in the entire column. Sorry, El Pres, I just wanted to slip in a few lines in a column that really had nothing to do with you. (He even deleted a few lines from it to make it seem more about him.)

Also, I want to make it known that I am neither a "fat chick" nor am I apart of SCOPE, let alone the head of the organization. The Beatles quote I referenced was not from one of his posts, but a comment he had on his own post that also included "fucking morons." Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Stoolapalooza is coming to UNH, but I think that El Pres' response just further proves how immature he is.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. i'm a barstool reader myself (well, have lost respect for it since it has turned into a promotional page for his stoolapalooza tour), and was just heading over to your page to see if you responded. surprise.

    the guy is a moron. he tries to put the blame of stoolapalooza on scope, when the university shut a fraternity down for having it. get your facts strait "prez". he's just trying to take the heat off himself by making things up. as a side note - do people really think he's doing this tour out of the kindness of his heart, and setting ticket prices to "break even"? bullshit. why would he put so much effort into it then? what an idiot.

  2. hey 'bad' press is good press. thanks el pres!

  3. For everyone keeping score:

    Fake life = being a college student
    Real life = being middle aged and getting into pissing matches with 20 year olds over Boston's answer to Justin Bieber.

  4. @tk

    I thought that when I graduate, I'm supposed to creep on girls, mock retarded people, and waste my time posting youtube videos?

    (slight sarcasm)

  5. El Pres is now officially "El Perez" (Hilton implied).

    Real life = Running a readable Boston sports blog.

    Fake life = Fronting like you run a Boston sports blog when it's actually a billboard for lil' boy-sized college tour

  6. @tk. Well said sir, well said.

  7. El Pres : - 1384930853 to the 10th power points
    New Hampshire : + 5 points

    I hate El Pres. He should probably get a real job instead of gawking at biddies young enough to be his daughter and writing blog entries like an 8th grader all day. What a "fake life".

  8. Just found your blog - love it!