Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Student Body Elections

Today is 4/20, which means one thing... don't forget to vote in the student body elections! If you do forget to vote today that is okay because you can vote tomorrow too. It is really easy and only takes a few seconds. Plus voting is online via blackboard so you really don't have an excuse to not vote. Today TNH ran Q&A's with all the candidates. Remember this is a blog, I am not here to tell you who to vote for, I just want to voice my opinion on the various candidates.

**PLEASE NOTE: I do not know any of the candidates. This is just how I feel from reading about their stances.

I watched the videos from TNH and read the interviews and quite honestly most of the candidates had pretty similar responses and goals. There was not really one specific group that jumped out at me. All of the teams either have a senate member or an RA or both which is good because thats means they have experience leadership roles. When it comes down to it I really feel like the final decision is between the following two teams: Peyser/Caiazza and Jett/Moody. Here is why:

Sanchez/Hawley: Simply, although Sanchez is a senate member, he is only a freshman he hasn't been here long enough to truly understand what UNH needs. Hawley is in practically every activist group on campus. Although they both support the medical amnesty policy they also have quite a few turn-offs.  I think it is great that Hawley stands up for what she believes in, but I feel she might have trouble separating her personal beliefs from what would benefit the university as a whole. (see: porn burning). A true leader makes decisions to better the community, not necessarily their personal beliefs... And that's why LBJ was one of the best domestic presidents ever! (Sorry, that's the history major in me.)

Moyer/Wilson: They asked me to sign their petition so they could run. When I asked them what they wanted to do they seemed confused and didn't give me a straight answer. No communication skills. Nope.

Kelley/Chagnon: Neither has any senate experience, but they are both RA's. Although I have shit on RA's in the past it is a very tough job and takes a strong person to be one. They could be serious contenders if not for their goals... extending MUB hours on the weekends because there is nothing to do on the weekends and that's why students make poor decisions. What? I make bad decisions because bad decisions are fun! There are much more important things than expanding MUB hours.

Peyser/Caiazza: Peyser is the current VP and this year's senate and officials have made great improvements and his experience is essential. Peyser is a poly sci major and Caiazza is a history major, which shows that they might actually have an idea of what politics are all about. They support expanding the gym to the New England center and Peyser has been involved with the advancement of the Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan policy (which unanimously passed in the student senate this weekend!)

Jett/Moody: Jett has been in the senate and an RA for two years. Moody was a founding brother of the SAE fraternity, which is one of the most well respected fraternities on campus. (Their house is like the Congreve of frats.) Like Peyser and Caiazza they support expanding the gym, more wireless and the Medical Amnesty Policy. Jett played a key role in expanding library hours this year. They have good experience and solid goals.

So for those reasons that is why I believe the real decision comes down to Jett/Moody and Peyser/Caiazza. If you think Peyser has done a solid job then he should remain, if you think he didn't do enough than it is time to go in another direction. Out of the other four teams I feel as though Jett/Moody combine to have the best experience, goals and leadership skills.

Please remember to vote and actually think about which candidate would most benefit the university.
Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. Vote for greg moody and he might touch your patooty

  2. Interesting perspective, sounds pretty accurate to me. Vote Peyser/Caiazza

  3. VOTE PEYSER/CAIAZZA!!! This sounds extremely accurate to me!!

  4. "Jett/Moody combine to have the best experience, goals and leadership skills." That's what's up!!

    Vote Jett/Moody

  5. Vote for PEYSER/CAIAZZA! Richie has done amazing work with Senate this year! He's played a key role in helping Ashley Rennebu get Medical Amnesty passed this year! He's the one who nominated her as the Chair!