Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul Thompson Shatters NCAA Record

Paul Thompson, a junior on the UNH men’s hockey team, recently broke Reggie Bush’s NCAA record of 574 freshman scores. Bush, who spent three years on the University of Southern California football team, now plays for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. Thompson accomplished the feat after UNH returned from the NCAA regional tournament in Albany, New York. Thompson was very proud of his accomplishment and said, “I had to put in a lot of hard work off the ice to make this happen, but I know I wouldn’t have had a shot at it without playing hockey.” Thompson was sure to thank his teammates after the record setting night saying that “Bobby Butler is a heck of a wingman. He is such a great team player and the Ottawa Senators are lucky to have him.” Thompson is just 35 freshman scores shy of former Syracuse basketball player Carmelo Anthony’s single season record of 287. Anthony’s record was thought to be untouchable since no other student-athlete has ever recorded 250 freshman scores in one year, but with over a month left in the school year Thompson is not far behind. Thompson believes he has a shot at Anthony's single season record now that the hockey season has ended. "I can really focus on that magic number now, without the distractions of practicing everyday" Thompson admitted. Many of the top freshman scorers such as Bush, Anthony and Kevin Durant left college early for a professional career in their respected sports. Thompson will return for his senior season next year and he has a great chance to really put the record out of reach.


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