Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MUSO Wins.

WOW. My mind is blown! I have been waiting all day to find out SCOPE and MUSO's shows for the weekend of May 7th, and let me say that there will be something for everyone that weekend! On Friday May 7th UNH students have Sam Adams and Stoolapalooza at Libby's and SCOPE is presenting Girl Talk at the Field house. For only $5 that is a pretty good show, especially if you like to dance... but MUSO got Girl Talk two years ago... Show far students seemed to be pretty pleased with Girl Talk.

Also, The Whit is unavailable due to renovations so I don't want to hear people bitching about there only being 2500 tickets or so.

 But then along came MUSO and I lost my shit! May 9th, TITUS ANDRONICUS is coming to UNH! The very band I talked about like last week and how I thought they would be a cool show. Holy fuck I am pumped up. I really think that Titus Andronicus will be the show of the weekend. Thank you MUSO, you are awesome. I have nothing left to say.

I cannot wait for this show. I am so fucking happy.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. I think it is a win-win for both, though: while Girl Talk was here at UNH two years ago, that show was HUGE and more people wanted to go that could. Props to SCOPE for bringing a band that is in demand and using their resources to bring it to that wider audience. Also, he came up with new material since then, so it will most likely be very different. I saw him twice -- once here, once at the Avalon -- and they were two completely different shows. Although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for him to have an opener this time at UNH -- in Boston he had Dan Deacon, who is an amazing entertainer.

    And regarding Titus Andronicus -- Yes! Totally agree with you. The weekend of May 7-9 will be epic. Sam Adams who?

  2. Very true, I'm happy that Girl Talk seems to be getting a positive response. It will be a great weekend. I'm sure GT will have an opener and from what I've heard TA could play with at least one, maybe two, other bands.

  3. Hey there, I'm MUSO's Music Director. Two openers are confirmed for TA so far, but I sort of realized somewhere between when our offer got accepted and when I started telling everyone about it that there's some SAFC red tape I still have to plow through so I can't spill all the info yet. But that'll be taken care of tomorrow sometime around noon and there will probably be a Facebook event by the evening with most, if not all of the details involved. So, I guess keep an eye out for that. A friend sent me here because I'm not a regular reader, and I'm pleasantly surprised that you're so excited. Thanks for the support.

    PS: Fun fact, SCOPE paid somewhere in the ballpark of five or six times what we paid to bring Girl Talk. It's crazy what a difference 18 months can make.

  4. This is what it is all about. Student orgs providing entertainment for all walks of life at UNH. Bravo my friends. Bravo.

  5. SCOPE paid more because Girl Talk has blown up since they were brought way back. Have you seen the videos from Bonaroo last summer? Wild.

  6. Hey you, ^, up there, Girl Talk isn't a "they" it's a him, Greg Gillis. Also, I think that's point that homeboy from MUSO is making. In 18 months you can get huge and rake in the appearance fees.

  7. SO I really hope SCOPE & MUSO atleast looked into B.o.b. he's a new rapper (well since 2005) but his first album is coming out Tuesday (which I already have and is AMAZING).

    He has 2 singles out right now:
    1. "Nothin on you" ft. Bruno Mars
    2. "Airplanes" ft. Hayley Williams(of Paramore)

    both great songs and his album is even better.
    which includes:

    1. Don't Let Me Fall
    2. Nothing On You (w/ Bruno Mars)
    3. Past My Shades (w/ Lupe Fiasco)
    4. Airplanes (w/ Hayley Williams)
    5. Bet I (w/ T.I. & Playboy Tre)
    6. Ghost In The Machine
    7. The Kids (w/ Janelle Monae)
    8. Magic (w/ Rivers Cuomo Of Weezer)
    9. Fame
    10. Lovelier Than You
    11. 5th Dimension (w/ Ricco Barrino)
    12. Airplanes (Part 2) (w/ Hayley Williams & Eminem)

    daaaayum. yeyah. I hope someone replies from any organization.
    I cannot wait for the bands coming to UNH. It's gunna be an epic shitshow. I'm just reppin for the rap fans out there who are not gunna chance to see 'epic' Sam Adams (which I DO like his album)

    (I'm trying to be semi-neutral here. Throw me a fricken bone here Scott.)

  8. I'l give some props to MUSO for booking Girltalk 2 years ago. I'll give more props to SCOPE for booking Girltalk now. Rather than 300 people 2 years ago, there will be 2000+ dancing their faces off in the fieldhouse - epic. But again, props to MUSO for bookin him before he made it. I have a feelin' Titus will be there in two or three years too.

    As a side note, I just want to comment on the quality of programming that both these orgs bring, before they're huge. MUSO bringing Girltalk before he blew up. SCOPE bringing Dane Cook, Jason Mraz, and the Chilipeppers before they blew up... damn.

    As for CAB bringing a comedian of 'epic proportions"... well, they just don't have the resources or knowledge that MUSO or SCOPE have, but they try hard. They're good at bingo and stuff like that.

  9. muso sucks. a bunch indie music loving fucks. book some music people want to hear, not some goat band.

  10. seriously girl talk is gonna be fun who isnt gonna get messed up and go to that but titus andronicus is a little too different

  11. @10:12 AM:

    Have fun at Sam Adams, you dink.

  12. tk - gingers don't have souls
    oh yeah, and nobody like scam adams anyways.