Friday, April 9, 2010

Strange Google Hits

By: The New Hampshirite

Guess who just got their tax return! Oh yes, this will be a great weekend... if only this rain will stop. Over the past week the blog has been expanding with new writers, topics and ventures. Readership is skyrocketing (compared to was it usually is), while that can be attributed to the recent growth, I can't help but wonder how certain people end up here. Thanks to sitemeter I can read Google searches that lead to the blog. Usually people search "UNH blog," "University of Nonsensical Happenings" or "The New Hampshirite," but here are a few of my personal favorites that people have actually searched and wound up here:
  • "UNH Porn" (around 8 times)
  • "frat hazing videos" (3x - different variations)
  • "Naked UNH girls" (3 or 4x)
  • “Nonsensical Porn” (2x)
  • “Dick Umile George Bush” (1x)
  • “university of new hampshire sucks” (1x)
  • “belt in Greek is” (1x)
  • “awesome boobs on chat roulette” (2x)
  • “streaming cum clothes” (1x)
  • "UNH fight club" (3 or 4x)
  • "Fire Dick Umile" (2x)
  • "Third Eye Blind at UNH 2010" (1x)
Now, most of those can be related to the blog in one way or another, but others are a little too ridiculous for me to put my finger on. I am kind of disturbed by how many people look for UNH specific porn... and "streaming cum clothes" whatever the fuck that is. Also, what is up with some trying to search Umile and Bush together, like are they looking for a list of worst leaders ever? I wonder if the Third Eye Blind search is a hint to a spring show, for their own safety (and not my own preferences) I hope Scope gets a rapper for the second spring show. Well, UNH I really don't think I can compete right now with Lady Meow's post from last night so that is it. Have a nice weekend and hopefully this rain will clear up.

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. third eye blind was at UNH back in 06 at field house

  2. Yeah, I know, but Scope's (and other orgs) have been known to get repeat acts... it was just a google search so I'm not saying they're coming I just thought it was strange someone would search that with "2010"

  3. 'awesome boobs on chat roulette'