Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Letter to Philbrook Dining Hall

Dear Philbrook,
False alarm. Don't worry, it appears my puking excursion last night was unrelated to the swine flu. But that means that it was your fault.  Around 6:45 I made a trip over to the Philbrook dining hall to eat. I had some chicken marinara with some pasta and an apple. It was a delicious meal and I wolfed it down. I even had two extra pieces of chicken. Flash forward a few hours and the Celtics and Bulls game is going down to the wire... again. All of a sudden my stomach starts to burn, then my throat and into my mouth. I make it to my trash can just in time to see my entire dinner be regurgitated into the bottom of the container. It was all there, pieces of chicken, pasta and most noticeably the apple. I laid down in bed and passed out, completely missing overtime of the game. I didn't even get to see Rajon Rondo fishhook Brad Miller to the floor! Later I talked to a source who works at Philbrook and I was told to never eat the chicken. My roommate had a very similar experience earlier in the year after eating some of your buffalo chicken pizza. Hey Philly, it's one thing to take our trays away to be more "environmentally friendly" but it's another to poison us with your gross chicken. Keep your food sanitary. As a side note I had not been drinking alcohol. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.
The New Hampshirite

That is the actual letter I submitted into the Philbrook suggestion box. I hope they take it serious, the guy who answers them is usually a douche. Anyways, I have something a little more serious to discuss.

 Today would be Timothy Treadwell's 48th birthday had he not been mauled by a bear on October 5th 2003. Treadwell was a bear enthusiast and every summer for 13 straight years he would travel to Alaska to live with the grizzly bears. Treadwell was made famous by Werner Herzog's  documentary Grizzly Man. (<-trailer) The film used footage shot by Treadwell and his friend, Amie Huguenard, during their last trip to Alaska where they were both attacked and eaten by a bear. If you haven't seen the documentary, I highly recommend it, many parts of the film can be found on youtube. It shows both sides of Treadwell, who had mental problems most likely caused by his addiction to alcohol, heroine and cocaine in his younger years. He found peace with the bears, something that he never found in human society. He claimed he would go to Alaska to protect the bears, but it was obvious that he was just really delusional and would go there to escape society. 

Be prepared for the epic one month post. I should have it up right after midnight. 

Stay classy, not UMassy. 


  1. haha, i think i got sick from philly the other day

  2. but the question you where throwing up, did you think "well, at least I have something to blog about tomorrow?"

  3. actually when I was throwing up i was hoping i didn't have swine flu. just kidding im not an idiot.