Thursday, April 23, 2009

Student of Fortune

Hello readers, I was recently contacted by the kind folks at StudentofFortune. This is a site designed to assist college students with their homework. I did some outside research, apart from what they sent me, and it seems like a very reliable and legitimate service. This is how the site works according to their facebook page:

If you're a student, just post a question you're struggling with. We'll send your question to all of the tutors on Student of Fortune, and they'll write custom tutorials that will teach you how to solve your difficult homework assignment (and others like it). Pick a tutorial that looks good, buy it, learn the material, and ace all of your classes!If you're a tutor, write great tutorials and earn lots of money, even thousands of dollars...all for helping students to learn! One more thing - everyone is a student and tutor. So, if you're really good with calculus but lousy at geology, earn money helping students with calculus and get the geology help you need! We bet you never though your calculus would be integral to deriving some knowledge about rocks...

 I hope you look into the site; it seems like a very easy way to earn some money. It works on the same basis of eBay, you post a question and how much you are willing to spend on the answer, and then you pick which answer you want. If you’re not convinced about its legitimacy check out this article posted in the University of Southern California paper. The article also states how since it is tutoring format, it is not considered cheating because the site doesn’t do the work for you. 

This is a link to their FAQ page, hopefully it will help you decide if the site is for you.

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