Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worst Mom Ever

I came across this news article today and I felt it was necessary to share it with you all. It appears that the worst mother ever lives in the UK. She is Leanne Salt, the mother of 8-month-old triplets, and claims she is too busy to do housework or to cook food for the babies.  So she takes them to McDonalds. 

'They were six months old when they had their first McDonald's,' she said. 'They had chicken nuggets and chips and loved it.

'They like fish and chips too, but I take the batter off the fish, so I guess that's healthy.'

Salt, who weights 30 stones (about 420 pounds) was the heaviest person ever to have triplets (40 stones or 560 pounds at the time of the birth) and it took a team of 68 doctors to perform her C-section. She blames her obesity on a thyroid problem. I found this piece of the article the most disturbing:

'Foods high in salt and fat can lead to diarrhoea, hyperactivity, diabetes and, in extreme cases, fitting and fatal heart attacks.

'These children are at extreme risk of becoming overweight in the near future if their diet continues in this way.'

The house is full of unwashed laundry and piles of toys, and Miss Salt says she and her babies only get dressed and go out once a week to collect her benefits.

Really? Thyroids? I think that you just like fast-food, and obviously you are just really lazy. You claim that you are too busy to cook and do housework, but you don't have a job and you live with your mother. Someone really needs to knock some sense into this lady. There is nothing I hate to see more then obese children because, unless it is a health problem, it is always the parent's fault. If you're wondering about the father, it was her boyfriend of four weeks, they split up about halfway through the pregnancy and he sends benefits. I hope that the children will grow up to live a healthy life. I recommend clicking the link above to read the full article, and to see pictures of Miss Salt. I think her last name is very appropriate. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. that is sad and disturbing.

  2. octomom is worse than this lady, because octomom purposefully had as many babies as she pleased, KNOWING, she had no way to support them.

    i guess she's actually the worse person, she's a good mom i hear, but she is a bad role model and a menace to society.

    good find nhampshirite