Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UNH Mascots: Behind the Fur

The UNH Athletic Marketing Department is looking for some students to take over the duty of wearing the mascot uniforms for next year. Both Wild E. Cat and Gnarlz are in need of a new human to possess. However, be aware that if you are selected to be Gnarlz it is expected that you take steroids. The try-outs will be held 
Wednesday May 6th from 6pm- 8pm in room 330 at the MUB. The department is looking for students who are enthusiastic towards UNH athletics and are overall outgoing and friendly. Maybe you're going to be a senior and you want to add a little flair to your last year at UNH? Or maybe you're an incoming transfer student who already looks like a cat so you figure why not? Any student at UNH is encouraged to try-out. I would love to be the next Wild E or Gnarlz but I feel like it would be frowned upon if Gnarlz showed  up to hockey games smelling of vodka. 

Always remember:
Stay classy, not UMassy

PS: Yes, that video is from  UMass.


  1. Try to give the New Hampshirite *bump* to get a certain incoming transfer the position. If he so chooses to pursue it...It would be quite the ambitious blog activity, maybe send some emails and some letters, from all your readers?

  2. haha i hope dave reads this