Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Week Preview

Just a quick post today, I want to briefly touch on a few topics. First of all I got some bad news. It seems as though another year has passed where I went undrafted by all the NFL teams. It appears as though I will have to submit a player application to the UFL. I was pretty disappointed after watching all 15 hours of the draft this weekend without hearing my name called. It was a surreal moment, and I guess I will have to look elsewhere to become a millionaire. The good news is that both the MLB and NBA drafts are coming up in June, so I have my fingers crossed. 

You all may be unaware that Thursday April 30th will be the one month anniversary of the University of Nonsensical Happenings.  I just finished up my multi-media project to reminisce on the past month. Hopefully it will draw out a few laughs, and maybe even a few tears. I will promise you one thing, it is fucking epic but it should not be taking to seriously. You will have to wait until Thursday though to enjoy it and all it's glory. 

I just learned that the UNH annual Blue/White football game will be played on May 9th. That should be a good preview for the fall. Hopefully the team will continue with their upward trend they have experienced over the last five years or so. 

Also there is a new UNH blog in circulation that seems to encourage some of the same activities as I do. It's pretty entertaining, check 'em out UNH-Hi-Lites

I leave you now with today's song of the day. These guys are very talented musicians who really enjoy what they do. The play bluegrass and folk, a very under-appreciated genre of music here at UNH. They are Old Crow Medicine Show with their song "Alabama High Test." Enjoy. (For those of you wondering: Yes, I do like rap music even though I rarely post it. I'm just trying to introduce other bands and genres that most students at UNH don't listen to.) 

Stay classy, not UMassy.

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