Friday, April 3, 2009

UNH Cops Part II

Let me take you back a few months to the start of the second semester. A friend of mine was leaving a dorm around  8 at night. As he pushed open a door it knocked into a UNH Police officer who was entering the elevator lobby in the opposite direction my friend was heading. The two men accidently bumped into one another. As my friend continued walking, the officer shouted at him "Hey, were do you think your going?" My friend replied back rather hastily "back to my dorm!" The cop then informed my friend that he could arrest him for
"abusing an officer and delaying an on going investigation." 

Really cop? 

"Abusing  an officer!?!" The kid fucking pushed open a door as you tried to pull it and you want to arrest him for abusing an officer? The door hit you because of bad timing and you want to arrest a kid for "abusing an officer." Hey cop, really?  Not only that but "delaying an on going investigation." 

Ummm, what? Cop, you stopped him, and he is delaying you? For opening a fucking door as you went to pull it? Hey cop, how is that power trip feeling? Are you getting an adrenaline rush you overreactive psycho fuck? 

My friend walked away and the cop didn't do anything.

 Sources indicate that the cop had no friends when he was in high school and that all the football players used to pick on him. No girls went to the prom with him either. The cop's name has been disclosed for reasons of national security, although it was released that the cop was NOT Officer Rod Farva

Oh yeah, before I forget. That on going investigation... some kids were throwing snowballs out their window. 
What a fucking prick. 

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