Monday, April 6, 2009

What Now?

Over the past week my life has felt meaningless. The UNH hockey season has ended and I feel like I have a lot less to look forward to now that I will no longer be getting drunk and yelling belligerent things at the student athletes of different schools. 


 M-A-I-N-E Maaiiiiiiiinnnnee sucks! Fuck ‘em up, fuck ‘em up BC sucks! Screw BU! Dirty Hippies! Harvard Rejects! Amherst Rejects! Warm up ya cah! Thanks for practice! Da da da daaanana sieve! But always remember: We’re classy not Umassy! 

Thanks; I really had to get that out.

What am I supposed to do now that I can’t get away with screaming these things as loud as I want on a regular basis? As a member of a student body who really supports our beloved Wildcats I realize that there are many people who feel as lost as I do now that the season has ended. Because of this, I have compiled a list of things to do while you are drunk to fill the void left by the hockey games.

  • Go to a party.
    • Pro: Meet a cute chick.
    • Con: Get in a fight.
  • Go to DHop.
  • Listen to the Uhh Yeah Dude Podcast:  
      • Pro: They are hilarious, hour long episodes. On itunes for free.
      • Con: Only one episode a week, usually published on Mondays. 
  • Study
    • Pro: You’re drunk. Nothing good will happen.
    • Con: You realize you have nothing better to do then to get drunk and study. You won't learn.
  • Drink to the holidays.
    • Pro: There are many holidays in the spring!
    • Con: Still not enough…
  • Play a sport.
    • Pro: Lots of fun.
    • Con: You get hustled by people who really aren’t drunk. Puke factor.
  • Watch Pro Sports.
    • Pro: Red Sox games are beginning, NBA and NHL playoffs!
    • Con: Get tricked into making ridiculous bets by fake drunk people.
  • Dorm Party.
    • Pro: Meet other people just like you.
    • Con: RA’s suck.
  • On Thursday nights attend theatre sports in the MUB.
  • Start a blog about UNH.
    • Pro: Takes up time.
    • Con: Doesn’t make you any cooler. I will murder you.

There you a go, a nice list of things to do when you’re drunk and bored.

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