Friday, April 10, 2009

People Who Piss Me Off

Since today is that 100th day of the year, and a Friday, I was expecting to be in a good mood. Why you ask? Well, for some strange reason days that that are a multiple of 10 into the year make me happy. It must have to do with how the stars align or something. Don't ask me why or how I'm not an astronomy major. If I have to explain to you why Fridays at UNH make me happy then you are probably way too dumb, or smart, to be reading this blog. Just kidding, I need all the readers I can get.
So, I was just chilling in my room playing the video game MLB The Show 2009 with a buddy of mine, which is another reason to put me in a good mood because I always win. Anyways, we take video games very seriously, so we were a little tense. Then someone knocks on my door in a loud and obnoxious manner. This angers me because it means I must pause the game. I jump up and swing the door open and who do I see?
No-fucking-body. I look down the hall to see the staircase door swinging shut and the sound of what I deciphered as the laughing of approximately three males. Then I look down and I see this:

Owned by the Knock Bandits? Really what the fuck is wrong with you guys? You really have nothing better to do on a Thursday night/Friday morning than to run around the dorms like a bunch of 7 year olds at a birthday party. What's the matter did you get knocked out in musical chairs? If I wasn't so lazy, and occupied with the video game, I would have chased after you and taught you a thing or two about manners. Fuckers. Now I'm all worked up, and sweaty and I already took my shower. Assholes
Until next time, 
Stay classy, not Umassy.

PS: I won the game 1-0. 

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