Monday, April 13, 2009

Who is Responsible?

On Friday April 10th, our school paper, The New Hampshire, gave this blog a “thumbs up” in the “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down” forum. Prior to that article the blog had 492 visits and 25 people had voted “yes” (meaning they attend UNH) in the pole. At the point the blog had been out for 11 days. As of the moment I am typing this the page hits have increased to 700. The page also gained an additional 20 “yes” votes. That is 208 visits in 3 days, or about 68 hits a day (increase of 23 hits/day). I actually have 1,692 page views. A view is counted every time someone opens the page; a visit is a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views. According to I have averaged 187 hits per day with the average person visiting 3.7 times a day. The average reader spends just under 9 minutes per page view.  During this time I have also received a shout out on (click the picture to enter the site) and I created an entry on What does all of this mean? 

The  bump does exist, but I am afraid it is nowhere near that of Stephan Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and the Mike Huckabee situation. It is known that Jon Stewart made Conan, Conan made Colbert and Colbert made Huckabee. Therefor Stewart made Huckabee, because without him there would be no Conan or Colbert. So who made me? Was it TNH, RBM or TCBN? I have a feeling not enough people care to make it an epic battle so I will award TNH with the bump because they found me. I have a connection to the people at RBM and I created the entry on TCBN, but TNH discovered me. Congratulations TNH, you are the champions, actually we are the champions...


Stay Classy, not UMassy. 

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