Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry that this post is coming so late. I slept in to approximately 12 today, only getting out of bed to watch the Celtics. Then I wasn't in the mood to post, not because they lost, but because I was still a bit hungover. Last night, I drank vodka in my room by myself... I mean... I went to that sick party those kids in my History class were talking about.

I regret to inform you that do to unseen circumstances I will not be able to post my research on UNH students until probably next weekend. I'm not quite finished and I want to it to be fully complete when I do publish it. 

Fuck yeah! Bruins just scored to go up 2-0!

Speaking of Boston sports, what's up with the Celtics losing today? Apart from Rajon Rondo I was very disappointed with their performance today. Come on guys, it's "We not me." I need to give props to Derrick Rose, he definitely didn't look like a rookie today. At least the Celts kept it close, unlike the Yankees who lost 22-4 to Cleveland today. 

Damn the Bruins are fucking dirty. Speaking of dirty, here is the song of the weekend. I need to give credit to the folks at RBM, they used this song a while back and it has quickly increased its play count on my itunes. It is an oldie by a band that, sadly, most of you probably haven't heard of. "Dirty Old Town" by the The Pogues.
Incase you haven't noticed I added a twitter application. If you're on twitter you should probably follow me. Also, I have gotten a few friend requests on facebook, but I know or at least hope, that there are more of you. By the way I didn't get stuck in Stoke like I thought I would. Due to the fact that there may be stalkers on here I'm only going to say that I'll be living in the Upper Quad next year. 

I'm pretty excited, the University of Nonsensical Happenings just recently recorded its 1,000th visitor. Let's make a deal. You all tell one friend about the site and as a reward I will start posting things that don't suck. 

Stay classy, not UMassy.


  1. While this version is by the Pogues, the song was actually written by Ewan MacCaoll and was first popularized by the Dubliners. It gets attributed to the Pogues, in my opinion, because Shane MacGowan has a dirty old set of teeth.