Sunday, April 12, 2009

Me? The life of a party?

This past weekend I went to a party down in Salem Mass with a few people from home. I was a little nervous because I’m from a small New Hampshire cow town and I’ve heard stories of the city of Salem having problems with witches. All day I practiced dropping my “R’s” to make my Boston accent as good as possible because I didn’t want to be seen as an outsider. I kept repeating “Hey, Nomah hit-a-homa ova tha wall” and “I pak my cah in Hahvad yad.” When we got there I was told to be myself because I was trying too hard.

I walked into the house party and I was impressed with the selection of music playing in the background, it wasn’t the normal crap you always hear at campus. I started out by shaking a few hands and talking with some people older than me to show I was sophisticated. We had a good conversation about college, sports and music; but I didn’t want to seem all book smart so I moved into another room to hang with a younger (mostly female) crowd. I sat down on a couch and for the first time in a while some girls approached me at a party. It was sweet; I was just chilling with a few ladies to either side. The other guys at the party didn’t seem to mind. It was weird because usually guys try to punch me if I’ve managed to stay at a party for this long. It was crazy, I mean the girls actually seemed to take an interest in what I was saying. We had the Celtics game on in one room and the Red Sox game on in another. There were plenty of drinks and food and I was hitting it off with everyone.

Later on some of the other guys invited me outside to have a cigar. It was pretty awesome; these people actually enjoyed my presence.  I was talking to this one dude’s girlfriend for a while and he didn’t seem to mind at all. Everyone at the party was really chill and treated everyone really well. I was having a really great time and when I informed everyone I had to leave early they all seemed genuinely upset; but they understood that I needed to get back to campus.

I think the best part of the party was when I was asked to sit at the adult table during dinner. My family’s Easter Parties are always really fun.


Stay classy, not UMassy.

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